I Heart Co-sleeping

My life has been so busy! Not only am I a new mom to my sweet 6 month old little boy, I am also starting a business, trying to keep up on my brand-spanking-new blog, taking foster parent training courses, and house hunting. Whew! It is actually tiring to type all that out. I am happy though. If I learned anything from surviving my husband’s 16 month deployment, it is that it is so much better to be busy than in “life limbo”.

All this busyness has really made me thankful that we co-sleep. Somedays it feels like I have made it through the whole day without having as much concentrated cuddle time with my Wee Man as I would like. It is so nice to make up for a busy day by cuddling at night. Last night, Wee Man just melted my heart. I had laid him down and an hour later I heard him let out a small cry. I hurried to our bedroom, and his sleepy eyes were patiently watching the door, never doubting that I would come. He gave me a big grin and lifted his arms to me as I laid down next to him. He grabbed my breast, curled up next to me, and had nursed himself back to sleep within a few minutes. Moments like that just reinforce that co-sleeping is the best thing for our family.


On another note, I have started No-Poo. That’s right, I am officially starting the process of eliminating shampoo from my life. Baking Soda & Vinegar are all I get from here on out. Don’t worry, I will keep you updated! 🙂